By Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Fuji Shioura & Elected Public Library Trustee

Dear Friends,

My name is Fuji, and I was running for California governor for many reasons. Like you, I am concerned about the who, when, where, why, what, and how our state-government represents our interests, expectations, hopes, and desires for a better tomorrow for California. For me, I am not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group. As an Independent candidate and elected official, I am willing, capable, and excited to work with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and others to get the job done for our families, businesses, and communities.

Some of my reasons for running for California Governor were many. However one of my primary goals for running for California Governor is to advocate for genuine, meaningful, inclusive, and modern election reform that empowers all voters. A well-informed electorate will do just that, empower everyday voters of the who, what, where, when, why, what , and how of our California Gubernatorial Candidates.

As a veteran inner-city educator and educational non-profit founder, I am just as committed to ensuring our students and first-time voters have a nonpartisan, accurate, up-to-date, and accessible candidate contact information to encourage them to ask questions, demand answers, and vote for the candidate of their choice.

As of this publication, I recently had the meaningful opportunity, on Saturday, March 20th, 2021, to engage in a gubernatorial debate with my fellow candidates running for California governor. Including myself, six gubernatorial candidates competed in the forum at a church in Corona, California, called New Hope Family Worship Center. However, I cannot readily locate online our gubernatorial debate consisting of lesser-known candidates like myself and others.

Therefore, a compelling factor of election reform for me as a voter, candidate and native Californian is safeguarding a well-informed electorate. All too regularly, there are mechanisms in place with the influence, intent, and objective of restricting, hindering, or intimidating voters like you and me from learning the names, websites, and contact information of lesser-known candidates like myself and others.

I am taking the extraordinary and controversial first step to constructing a California Gubernatorial Candidate List on my official gubernatorial campaign website to provide California voters like you and me to learn more quickly and easily about our gubernatorial candidates readily.

As you can foresee, our California Gubernatorial Candidate List is a work in development that will be updated as more candidates run for California Governor in 2021 and beyond. Candidates have until 59 days before the election to file papers to run.

The election date is not yet specified but is expected to occur in late fall, possibly November. Once the recall election is set, voters will be asked two questions on the ballot. The first is whether they want to get rid of Newsom. The second is if Newsom is recalled, regardless of how they voted on the first question, who do they want to replace him? If more than 50% of voters support ousting Newsom, then the top vote-getter in the second question automatically becomes governor, regardless of how many votes that person gets.

All the names of candidates listed here are for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be misconstrued as an official campaign endorsement by myself or other candidates in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to distribute this list with as many people as imaginable to safeguard a well-informed electorate for all Californians.

For suggestions, corrections, and inquiries, send an email at contact@candidate.email or call or text message our campaign at 1-805-NOW-VOTE

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