Gubernatorial Candidate List

Last updated Monday, July 13th, 2021, Los Angeles, California, USA.

California Gubernatorial Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last names and political party affiliation or no political party preference as Independents.

As of July 13th, 2021, there are currently a total of the 83 known California Gubernatorial Candidates; 19 Independents, 1 Libertarian, 18 Democrats, 36 Republicans, 1 American Solidarity Party, 4 Green Party, and 4 undeclared political party affiliation. Additional California Gubernatorial Candidates are expected to be added to our Candidate List in the coming days and weeks.

Seventy people have filed a Statement of Intention to run for California Governor with the California Secretary of State.

Only three of the California Gubernatorial Candidates are known to be currently in elected office: Hilaire Fuji Shioura (Independent), Jeff Hewitt (Libertarian), and Kevin Kiley (Republican).

Please note the following California Gubernatorial Candidate Contact list is a work in progress.

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Independent Candidates

  1. Joseph Amey, – (campaign website unknown), Facebook
  2. Carla L. Canada –
  3. Mary E. Cook –, former 2003 California Gubernatorial candidate, aka Mary Carey
  4. Mariana B. Dawson, – (campaign website unknown), YouTubejesus christo for california governor
  5. Elizabeth (Libby) S. Floyd, –
  6. Michael Lynn Gabriel, – (campaign website unknown)
  7. Adam M. Hadjinian – (campaign website unknown)
  8. Kevin K. Kaul, (campaign website unknown),
  9. Paul Mesrop Kurdian, (campaign website unknown)
  10. Joseph Luciano,
  11. Marc A. Roth, (campaign website unknown)
  12. Hilaire Fuji Shioura –, former 2018 California Gubernatorial candidate, currently an elected library trustee at Placentia Public Library.
  13. Michael A. Loebs,
  14. Denis P. Lucey, (campaign website unknown)
  15. Jemiss Nazar, (campaign website unknown)
  16. Lee W. Olson, (campaign website unknown), previous website –
  17. Adam Papagan, (campaign website unknown), Twitter
  18. Joe Symmon Mwangi,
  19. Ben Zandpour, (campaign website unknown)

Libertarian Party

  1. Jeff Hewitt,, currently a Riverside County Board of Supervisors District 5

Democratic Party

  1. Jesus Christo – (campaign website unknown)
  2. Douglas Deitech, (campaign website unknown)
  3. Jason L. Dixon, (campaign website unknown)
  4. John R. Drake,
  5. Anthony L. Fanara – (campaign website unknown)
  6. Bryan T Farely, – (campaign website unknown)
  7. Robert D. Griffis, – (campaign website unknown), Facebook
  8. Patrick Kilpatrick – (campaign website unknown)
  9. Luis Huang, (campaign website unknown), (other campaign website)
  10. Gavin Newsom, the incumbent California Governor –, former 2018 California Gubernatorial candidate, former Mayor of San Francisco
  11. Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato,
  12. Kevin Paffrath,
  13. Ronald J. Palmieri, (campaign website unknown)
  14. Torr H. Leonard, (campaign website unknown), Tumblr, Twitter
  15. Jeremy B. Lupoli, (campaign website unknown)
  16. Joel A. Ventresca, (campaign website unknown), former mayoral campaign website
  17. Henry Frank Wade, (campaign website unknown)
  18. Daniel Thomas Watts – (campaign website unknown), Instagram, YouTube

Republican Party

  1. Kevin Abushi, – (campaign website unknown)
  2. Patrick Barnes –
  3. Karen E. Blake – (campaign website unknown
  4. David A. Bramante – (campaign website unknown)
  5. Brian Domingo,, 2018 gubernatorial candidate
  6. Larry Elder,
  7. Edward Moore Gaines, – (campaign website unknown)
  8. Mike Grover Coltharp –
  9. John H. Cox – www.johncox.comformer 2018 California Gubernatorial candidate
  10. Kevin Faulconer –
  11. Steven A. Fitzgerald, – (campaign website unknown)
  12. Rhonda Furin,
  13. Wayne H Frazier – (campaign website unknown)
  14. Sean Harrison, –
  15. Tim Herode – 
  16. Caitlyn Jenner –
  17. Jimah L. Jones, – (campaign website unknown)
  18. Kevin Kiley –
  19. Chauncey “Slim” Killens,
  20. Jenny Rae Le Roux –
  21. Diego Martinez –
  22. Christopher Thomas Mason, (campaign website unknown)
  23. Daniel Mercuri –
  24. Robert C. Newman II, (campaign website unknown)
  25. Doug Ose –
  26. John Pierce, (campaign website unknown)
  27. John Moorlach – (campaign website unknown),
  28. Patrick M. Rakus Jr., (campaign website unknown)
  29. Laura Smith – 
  30. Sarah Stephens,
  31. Anthony D. Trimino,
  32. Dakota K. Vaughn –
  33. Errol Webbe –
  34. Nickolas Wildstar –, former 2018 California Gubernatorial candidate
  35. Major Williams –
  36. Leo Zacky,

American Solidarity Party

James G. Hanink, (campaign website unknown),

Green Party

  1. Christopher N. Carlson, (campaign website unknown)
  2. Veronika Fimbres, (campaign website unknown), Veronika Fimbres: California’s Compassionate Candidate –
  3. Daniel I. Kapelovitz,
  4. A. Shantz, (campaign website unknown)

Undeclared Political Party Affiliation or unknown Preference

  1. Sam Gallucci –
  2. Luis Marinelli,
  3. Matthew Charles Mickelson, (campaign website unknown)
  4. Steven Chavez Lodge, (campaign website unknown)